MBA in Canada

Canada, that hosts roughly 100 higher education institutions, is actively engaged in international research.

The expense of getting an MBA in Canada from those prestigious business schools fluctuates between $16,000 and $80,000. You can make between $80,000 and $200,000 per year (59 LPA approximately 1.4 Cr / year).

In agreement with the Financial Times ranking in 2020, just three Canadian business schools which obtained an MBA reached the top 100. However, as stated by the QS MBA ranking (2020), 5 Canadian business schools were at the top 100. In total, 18 business colleges in Canada were included in the top 240 at the Global MBA rankings.

Recent statistics demonstrate that the employment rate of MBA graduates in Canada has improved significantly. Through Example, in the Business School. Schulich (class of 2017) 89% of pupils were recruited within 3 months of graduation, with an average salary between $48,000 and $190,000.

The most crucial recruitment sectors include financial services, technology, retail, consulting and property. In the same way, at McGill University’s Desautels School of Management, 90 percent of MBA students were put within 3 weeks of graduation in practical areas like finance, general management, advertising and business development.


As stated by the QS MBA ranking (2020), nine Canadian universities are ranked among the top 150 MBA universities in the world.

The Business Diploma or mba in Canada is one of the 10 highest paid places with increased education. Below is a chart showing the normal salary of MBA graduates from top Canadian universities.

Simplified immigration and visa process: – Any pupil who has ever considered studying overseas can’t deny the complex visa and immigration process may be a massive disappointment. With friendly immigration policies and also the capacity of Indian students to acquire a visa quicker, it’s an added incentive for MBA applicants.


The financial services industry remains particularly strong in Canada, with expansion of approximately 11.6% over the last decade (2007-2017). The chances to work in this industry are higher for an MBA in Canada.


With the support of small and medium-sized businesses and start-ups, the doors of entrepreneurship in Canada are constantly open to MBA graduates.

The best MBA in Canada

Some of the best business schools in Canada are in the top QS International MBA rankings (2020). A number of them are listed below, in addition to the proportion of students registered in the program every year and the tuition charges to the MBA program. International students can examine various MBA in Canada. The table below shows the length of full-time MBA programs.


1. Alberta School of Business, Edmonton

The Alberta Business School is more than 100 years old and for the uninitiated it was actually the first business school in Canada to receive AACSB accreditation.

The tuition fee for the 20-month MBA In Canada program is 46,119, with graduates earning an average of $54,033 after finishing an MBA, compared to $33,230 before graduation. The dimensions of the course is smaller in comparison to a few MBA programs, with only 59 students per course, while the typical student is 28 years old, with four decades of work experience behind them.


2. Beedy Business School, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver

The business faculty, founded in 1965, has many campuses in mainland British Columbia. The MBA program prices $39,581, and scholars expect to make $52,558 after finishing the MBA, compared to $32,948 before graduation. One of the hallmarks of Bidi is that the cohort contains 53% women, which indicates the prospect of achieving gender equality.

Launched in 1956, the UBC School of Business and Business Administration has been renamed the UBC Sauder Business School in 2003, thanks to a generous $20 million contribution by Dr. William Sauder. It’s rated 101-110, up from 121-130 last season, but ranks third in leadership, third in graduate and entrepreneurship achievement, sixth in employability, 12th in diversity and 15th in the area. Depending on individual standards.

The MBA tuition fee is $61,786 and, though relatively cheap for some MBA programs, the postgraduate monetary gain is not so high in $59,627, compared to $52,410 prior to graduation. But, like the prior business school, Sauder’s MBA students attend small and medium-sized classes with 97 students, while pupils in the cohort are on average 29 years old, together with six decades of expertise.


4. HEC Montreal

Although Smith Business School remains in fifth area for Canada. Smith climbed the Global MBA Rankins this year from 85 to 85.

The 12-month program prices $67,689, but the normal post-MBA salary is 87,071.


A first in this year’s standing was the John Molson Business School, which was rated at the top ten, the next establishment in Montreal to be one of the best ten top ten in the area and ranked 111-120 worldwide. The 16-month MBA program prices $10,592, which might seem as a boon to pupils due to the ordinary salary leap after MBA degrees from $33,449 to $69,287.

John Molson has roughly 81 pupils with a mean age of 29 and six years of job experience. The company school has opened its doors to pupils of 25 nationalities, of which 68% are international students.


Kinds of MBAs in Canada


There are various types of MBA in Canada to accommodate different interests and requirements of international students. Some of them are described below:


Possessing an understanding of Canadian workforce diversity, the MBA in Canada program prepares students to enter the job market as a leader. The length of this application is generally a couple of decades, and students may elect to study whole time. The program is most suitable for a student who can devote time simply to their research.


Part-time MBA at Canada


A more MBA program compared to FT-MBA, but more suitable for working professionals searching for a diploma in parallel with labour.


International MBA in Canada: –


The IMBA features business ideas from a number of the best professors in the world as well as the chance to work with all the most renowned industry leaders in the world. Besides human growth, international students have the chance to experience international experiences, such as international fieldwork, international classes, integrated program, etc.. The length of the program is generally 20-28 months.


Executive MBA in Canada: –


Typically, the length of the program is 13 months, with personal and expert profitability. It’s acceptable for students who want to work while studying and seek out practical business knowledge, together with classroom courses.


These international students will also be expected to pursue joint MBA degrees (combining pharmacy, law, technology with global issues ) and double degrees (MBA / JD or MBA / MFA / MA) available to study from Canada.



You might be searching for options to some long-term MBA, therefore the PGDM (Graduate Diploma in Management) is one of the greatest classes to study. This is how PGDM differs in the MBA.

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